WTF, man

‘Boom Boom Boom Boom’ Was About Sex, Grown Woman Realises

A 25 year old woman has only just realised the Vengaboys’ iconic hit was a thinly-veiled euphemism for doing the nasty.

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Report Finds Eurovision Fucking RIGGED

Our girl Jess Mauboy sang her heart out, and she finished 20th? Piss off.

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Well dang doodly

“Ah Shit, It’s Mother’s Day” – Nation’s Disorganised Children

57% of Australians forgot, and had to rush to the shops to get a last-minute candle.

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Tweeting is a real good time

Man Live-Tweets Eurovision Like He Has More Than 14 Followers

Twitter user @david53495 posted Eurovision commentary with a somewhat wasted level of enthusiasm.

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Mmmm, calves

Beef Farmer’s Nice Legs From All The Calf Raising

A local beef farmer is very skilled at raising his calves, and it’s earned him some fine legs.

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Kinky Teacher

Kinky Teacher Likes It In The Pigeon Hole

She’ll let anyone stuff their memo in there.

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Yeah The Federal Budget Is Great, But Have You Seen Memes?

While I think it’s important to understand the new Federal Budget, looking at memes is WAY more fun.

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Gym Is For Suckers – Real Men Do The Worm

Science says flopping around like a snake on drugs is six times more effective than a traditional workout.

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Hahahaha weekend

Office Conversationalist Asks How Weekend Was

In a delightfully unexpected move, Jenny from accounting has inquired if everyone had a good weekend.

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Entire Nation Forgets About A-League Final

“Oh that was last night? I was watching Season 2 of Frasier on Stan.”

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