Man Live-Tweets Eurovision Like He Has More Than 14 Followers

Tweeting is a real good time

Twitter user @david53495 posted Eurovision commentary with a somewhat wasted level of enthusiasm.

Eurovision is a wonderful time of year where Australians come together to get drunk and make fun of spectacularly weird, occasionally catchy music. Those of us that don’t have friends in real life take to Twitter, a platform that connects lonely people who think they’re funny with other lonely people that have low standards.

David Summers is one such person, and boy did he go hard. Over the course of Semi-Final 2, he managed to tweet a total of 365 times. David decided that his every thought was a winner, and flung them out onto the internet with the confidence of a man with 14 million followers, rather than his measly 14.

When approached for an interview, David declined, explaining he’s got to get his jokes prepared for the final on Sunday morning. Apparently, his 14 fans can’t get enough.

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