Refugee Camps Start Training For Next Commonwealth Games

It seems to be working for the Cameroonian athletes, so why not give it a go?

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When Is The Royal Wedding And How Can I Get Very Far Away From It?

We bring you the hottest tips for avoiding Harry and Meghan’s special day.

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Yeah The Federal Budget Is Great, But Have You Seen Memes?

While I think it’s important to understand the new Federal Budget, looking at memes is WAY more fun.

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Macron Apologises For Calling Turnbull’s Wife ‘Delicious’, Actually Meant His Daughter

Macron Apologises For Calling Turnbull’s Wife ‘Delicious’, Actually Meant His Daughter

French President Emmanuel Macron is embarrassed that he directed his lust towards the wrong member of the Turnbull family.

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Kim Jong-un laughing

Kim Jong-un Admits He Thought Moon Jae-in was President of the Moon

The peace talks with South Korea are all just an embarrassing misunderstanding, says Mr Kim.

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The Devil Says Yes To Gay Marriage

Satan Pleased with Plebiscite Result

Our Hell correspondent has confirmed that the Dark Lord is in good spirits after Australians overwhelmingly voted YES in the gay marriage plebiscite.

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Hahahahaha prison

Supermax 2 Set To Be Twice As Super, Three Times As Max

Corrections Minister David Elliot announced yesterday that the new Supermax 2 prison will double the standards of super set by Supermax 1, and triple their standards for max.

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Australians Excited to Choose Between Rich Guy and the Other One

Polls have shown that the Australian public is looking forward to voting this weekend and are utterly thrilled with their two main options. Saturday 2nd July is voting day for the Australian federal election; a…

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Outside is a magical place

11 Great Things To Do Instead Of Joining ISIS

Thinking of shipping off to Syria to become a scum-of-the-earth terrorist? Before you do, make sure you try each one of the things on this list!

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Supreme leader Kim Jong-un bravely riding a missile for the sick GoPro footage

North Korea Missile “Just Filming Sweet GoPro Footage”

North Korea has denied they are testing nuclear weaponry, explaining they’re just trying to drop the sickest GoPro mashup of 2016. In an emergency UN consultation held yesterday to discuss the nation’s most recent rocket launch, the North Korean representative Sin…

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