Supermax 2 Set To Be Twice As Super, Three Times As Max

Hahahahaha prisonHahahahaha prison

Corrections Minister David Elliot announced yesterday that the new Supermax 2 prison will double the standards of super set by Supermax 1, and triple their standards for max.

The new high-tech prison facility will cost the taxpayer $47 million, but Elliot says this is a small price to pay for the levels of both super and max that will be delivered.

“Goulburn’s Supermax 1 has become the laughing stock of all the other Supermaxes, and even some of the regular maxes,” Elliot explained. “This upgrade will restore our state’s top prison facility as a shining beacon to all that is max in this world.”

The prison will be constructed over 3 years out of the most state-of-the-super materials known to man. The use of all non-max materials will be strictly prohibited.

Elliot is confident the development will impress not just locally, but on a global scale as well.

“If you thought Supermax 1 was super, then buckle the fuck up is all I’ll say.”


(Image: Nick Moir for Sydney Morning Herald)

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2 Comments on "Supermax 2 Set To Be Twice As Super, Three Times As Max"

  1. “cost the taxpayer $47 million…,”
    Surely they’re not making one citizen pay for all that max!??

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