Australians Excited to Choose Between Rich Guy and the Other One

Polls have shown that the Australian public is looking forward to voting this weekend and are utterly thrilled with their two main options.

Saturday 2nd July is voting day for the Australian federal election; a day widely recognised as being the most anticipated and enjoyable day of the year. If there’s one thing the average Australian loves doing, it’s trekking to the nearest public school on a weekend to make well-informed political decisions.

Australia’s enthusiasm for participating in a democracy has no doubt been redoubled by recent examples of how successful the system can be, such as ‘Brexit’ and ‘Donald Trump’.

There are a lot of things to look forward to on voting day, but possibly most exciting is the sheer calibre of the political candidates this year. Speaking with voters from the suburbs of Sydney has revealed the population are overwhelmed by how relatable their two frontrunners are.

“I feel like Malcolm understands me because when it comes down to it, he too is a working class man,” says Doonside resident Steve Davidson. “After all, the hedge-trimming bill for his waterfront mansion is equally as stressful as the struggle I go through every day to provide food and shelter for my family.”

Sentiment towards Bill Shorten was similarly positive, although nobody could really explain why.

“He’s the frog one right? Looks a bit like a frog? I like frogs.”

At the time of writing Shorten was unavailable for comment, being submerged in a freshwater lake.

(Images: Huffington Post, The Guardian)

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