Man Happily Ignoring All Responsibilities In Favour Of World Cup

And it feels good!

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Parkour A Great Way To Make Stairs Dangerous

Why walk when you could do an unnecessary backflip?

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Lionel Whomstdve?

Shock Result As Argentina Defeat Football Powerhouse Haiti

Little-known player Lionel Messi scored 3 to topple the favourites.

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Oh No! This Lady Did Deadlifts Once And Accidentally Got Too Bulky

“Why didn’t I listen?!?” she roared, her huge muscles straining.

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Man Who Has Never Been To England Devastated That Liverpool Lost

He’s not been within 1,000km of the UK, but he’s absolutely gutted.

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Mmmm, calves

Beef Farmer’s Nice Legs From All The Calf Raising

A local beef farmer is very skilled at raising his calves, and it’s earned him some fine legs.

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Gym Is For Suckers – Real Men Do The Worm

Science says flopping around like a snake on drugs is six times more effective than a traditional workout.

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Entire Nation Forgets About A-League Final

“Oh that was last night? I was watching Season 2 of Frasier on Stan.”

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Liverpool Fans Develop Strong Glutes From Excessive Clenching

Liverpool Fans Develop Strong Glutes From Excessive Clenching

The football team’s nerve-wracking style of play has given each fan a serious booty.

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Very small singlet

Study Finds Inverse Correlation Between Steroid Use And Singlet Width

A new study by the University of Sydney has confirmed that the more steroids a person uses, the narrower their singlet preferences become.

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