Boot-Scootin’ Baby Drives Woman Crazy

Her obsession from a western; her dance floor date.

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Guy Who Sits Backwards On Trains Also An Avid Serial Killer

A man who intentionally sits on backward-facing train seats enjoys murdering people in his spare time.

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A storms acomin

Asshole Clothesline Keeps Spinning Slightly While Man Trying To Hang Jeans

The piece of shit just won’t stay still.

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Hahahahaha prison

Supermax 2 Set To Be Twice As Super, Three Times As Max

Corrections Minister David Elliot announced yesterday that the new Supermax 2 prison will double the standards of super set by Supermax 1, and triple their standards for max.

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Police stand guard outside the site of the incident

Baby Fined for Juggling Chainsaws Without Wearing Appropriate Safety Goggles

Police have fined a Penrith baby $1,269 for neglecting to comply with state chainsaw juggling safety laws. Yesterday afternoon at 2:53pm, police were called the suburb of Penrith in Sydney’s West to investigate reports of…

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