Man Happily Ignoring All Responsibilities In Favour Of World Cup


And it feels good!

Local man Simo Kovac is ecstatic that the FIFA World Cup has started, and is celebrating by cutting all ties with his old friend sleep. Since the competition is being hosted in Russia, matches in Australian Eastern Standard Time are either very late or very early. Despite the inconvenience, Kovac is determined to watch every last one, and has decided to ignore all other responsibilities in order to make this possible.

“It only comes around once every four years, man,” said Kovac in an exclusive interview. “That means I’ve got the next four years to catch up on sleep.”

The Punchbowl resident was adamant that he could live with the impacts of his decision. He admitted he’ll probably be unproductive at work, unable to exercise properly, and constantly inattentive, but says it’s all worth it to watch such iconic clashes as Panama vs Tunisia.

“Why would I risk getting a healthy amount of rest? I might miss an absolute worldie by some unknown Icelandic bloke. It’s just not worth it.”

After the interview, Kovac thanked us for our time and immediately passed out.

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