“Ah Shit, It’s Mother’s Day” – Nation’s Disorganised Children

Well dang doodly

57% of Australians forgot, and had to rush to the shops to get a last-minute candle.

Thousands of young adults woke up this morning without a care in the world, but unfortunately their joy was short-lived. During a routine scroll through Facebook, they realised it was Mother’s Day, and that they had not bought a present. This discovery invariably came about while reading an overly heartfelt message posted by some slag from high school, thanking their mother for “being [their] rock.”

“I just completely forgot,” said one culprit. “I felt awful, so I zipped down to Big W before our family barbecue and got her some soap and a Liane Moriarty book.”

The most commonly cited reason for forgetting the holiday of maternal celebration was “just being too busy lately, you know”

“Between uni, delivering pizza, and binge drinking, I’ve been frazzled. Sorry mum!”

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