Beef Farmer’s Nice Legs From All The Calf Raising

Mmmm, calves

A local beef farmer is very skilled at raising his calves, and it’s earned him some fine legs.

Local beef farmer John Davies is known for his quality grass-fed wagyu, and also his well-defined leg muscles. As a result of his two passions, he has become exceedingly good at calf-raising.

Davies’ veal cutlets won the Best in Category Award at the National Beef Show this year, which is almost as impressive as the 20 reps of 200kg he once cranked out on the standing calf raise machine.

The farmer revealed that the secret to his success is combining the raising of calves with calf-raising.

“Sometimes I’ll calf-raise a calf that I’m raising,” Davies said. “3 sets with a 5 month old Hereford and you feel the burn, let me tell you.”

According to the buff grazier, the baby cows also love the attention.

“Nothing makes them happier than a nice cuddle, and happy cows make for tasty beef.”

When asked to sum up his mantra, Davies had a punchy catch phrase prepared.

“Never skip leg day, or Angus afternoon.”

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