‘Boom Boom Boom Boom’ Was About Sex, Grown Woman Realises

WTF, man

A 25 year old woman has only just realised the Vengaboys’ iconic hit was a thinly-veiled euphemism for doing the nasty.

In an embarrassingly late realisation, local woman Ava Bates has figured out that one of her favourite 90’s pop songs was about sexual intercourse. Despite the song’s rather obvious lyrics, she never managed to put two and two together.

“I never even thought about it!” she explained. “In my innocent mind she just wanted him in her room to hang out, from now until forever.”

When asked what she had thought ‘booming’ was, Bates couldn’t really explain.

“Dancing, maybe? To be honest, I was too preoccupied by the sick beat to consider it properly.”

Her moment of clarity occurred this morning, when the song came on shuffle while listening to a 90’s Spotify playlist. Bates described how she was singing along when she started to actually pay attention to the lyrics.

“The line ‘I’ll be your lover tonight made me pause for a second in concern, and then it all just got worse from there.”

The realisation has had a chain effect on the young lady, ruining all of her favourite childhood tunes.

“Come to think of it, every other 90’s pop song was about sex too. And every other pop song ever made. I’ve been living a lie.”

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