Study Finds Inverse Correlation Between Steroid Use And Singlet Width

Very small singletImage: Iron Tanks

A new study by the University of Sydney has confirmed that the more steroids a person uses, the narrower their singlet preferences become.

In a 3 year study with more than 1000 participants, the researchers were able to confirm that chemically jacked individuals hate a wide singlet, and pride themselves on wearing as little fabric between their shoulder blades as possible.

While there has never been any proof of this correlation, it seems majority of the gym-going population have assumed it for years based on anecdotal evidence.

“Of course it’s true,” said Jane Phillips, member of Fit N Fast Campbelltown. “Everyone knows that dudes who ride the anabolic bicycle need more room for their lats to breathe.”

This oxygen-related theory was not addressed in the study, however may form the hypothesis for future research.

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