Brave Woman Eats Banana In Public

Woman eating a banana in public like a FUCKING HERO.Woman eating a banana in public like a FUCKING HERO.

In an incredible display of girl-balls, a woman has reportedly eaten an entire banana in a crowded, public place.

The incident took place at approximately 10am today in the Sydney CBD, and was described by witnesses as heroic.

“She just went for it,” one onlooker described in an exclusive interview with Sarcasm Orgasm. “I expected her to back down, but she peeled and ate the whole thing.”

Societal pressures have long restricted the banana to the role of a private, indoor fruit, due largely to it’s phallic shape. However, for many Australians, this courageous act has signalled the start of a new golden age where the potassium-rich snack can be enjoyed in any context.

“Since I was a little boy I’ve longed for the freedom to munch on a banana while also feeling the sun’s warmth on my face,” another bystander stated. “Thanks to this woman’s confidence, the day has arrived when my dream can become a reality.”

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