Kim Jong-un Admits He Thought Moon Jae-in was President of the Moon

Kim Jong-un laughingWhoopsie! Hahahaha. Photo: AFP PHOTO / KCNA VIA KNS

The peace talks with South Korea are all just an embarrassing misunderstanding, says Mr Kim.

The Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, has today revealed that his gesture to initiate peace talks with South Korea was completely unintentional. In a statement, Mr Kim bashfully admitted that he thought he was dealing with the president of the actual moon, not just a guy called Moon.

“It’s a really misleading name. He needs to sort it out, man,” the North Korean leader said.

According to Mr Kim, he was attempting to end the war he’s been waging with the moon, and is still very cross indeed at his neighbours to the south.

“You can imagine my embarrassment,” Mr Kim stated today in a press release. “There I was trying to end the needless fighting between our country and the Lunar system, when I realise I’m talking to the wrong guy!”

When asked what gave it away, the North Korean leader stated that Mr Moon looked a lot like his sworn enemy, the president of South Korea. His suspicions doubled when he noticed his counterpart was not at all fazed by Earth’s higher force of gravity.

“I know it’s a stereotype, but it’s true – Moon People always complain that they can’t bounce around on our planet like they can at home. It’s so annoying.”

Mr Kim has emphasised that no peace talks will be going ahead with South Korea, but has offered a handsome reward for anyone that can put him in touch with a Moon-based diplomat ASAP.

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