Satan Pleased with Plebiscite Result

The Devil Says Yes To Gay Marriage

Our Hell correspondent has confirmed that the Dark Lord is in good spirits after Australians overwhelmingly voted YES in the gay marriage plebiscite.

The Devil, an outspoken advocate of gay rights, says the result brings world domination one step closer for the mighty forces of evil.

“Everyone’s gay down here, so we were pretty thrilled Tea-Bee-Eych,” the Prince of Darkness told Sarcasm Orgasm in an exclusive interview.

“Of course I’ve already officiated over 6000 gay marriages in the fiery depths beneath Australia, but it’s great to hear our influence is growing above ground too.”

The Malignant Spirit was adamant that homosexuality is his greatest recruitment tool, and is an essential criterion for admission into the Underworld.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a kind, respectful and generous person. If you’re a boy that is in love with a boy, then say hello to eternal damnation!”

Of course nothing is legally binding yet so there’s still the chance for some angelic politicians to stop the spread of evil. The Archfiend, however, is confident that brutality will be victorious in the end.

“It’s been a great week. First I hear murder is up 3%, and now this!”

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