Asshole Clothesline Keeps Spinning Slightly While Man Trying To Hang Jeans

A storms acominImage by onesixx

The piece of shit just won’t stay still.

In a real dick move, a local clothesline has kept spinning away from a man while he was trying to hang out his washing. The incident was reported by Mervin Braden, and allegedly occurred between the hours of 10am and 11am yesterday morning.

Braden described his experience as “infuriating,” and explained how it just kept getting worse.

“The more clothes I hung up, the more it would spin,” he recounted. “It felt like I was battling to steer a sailboat on the seven seas.”

According to Braden, the clothesline would rudely rotate in a clockwise direction any time he bent down to retrieve another pair of socks. The diabolical Hills Hoist would make sure to spin just far enough that he could no longer reach the spot he was aiming for, in a manner described as “completely humiliating.” Braden then had to haul it back around and hold it firmly in place, while pegging one-handed like an idiot.

“When was it that common courtesy died?” the victim asked in despair. “I just want to hang out my undies in peace.”

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