“Campbelltown Not That Bad,” Says Guy Who Loves Stabbing


The city of Campbelltown gets a pretty bad wrap, but one knife-loving resident has had enough.

Tyson Wood, an experienced stabber, has lived in the area his whole life, and says it’s a wonderful community to be a part of.

“People talk a lot of smack about Campbelltown, but if they actually spent some time here they’d realise how nice it is,” Wood explained. “Unless I stab them, of course.”

The cutlery enthusiast described his admiration for such local attractions as Macarthur Square and Park Central. He also praised Western Sydney University and TAFE for helping to create a young, intellectual culture.

“The stereotypical Campbelltown violence is actually very overemphasised,” said Wood. “The vast majority of residents are friendly and family-oriented. There’s just a select few of us that enjoy the occasional late night stab.”

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