IT Graduate Chuffed At Being “Headhunted” On LinkedIn

It's finally happening, Dad!

He received a generic message on LinkedIn from a random recruiter he’s never met, and he’s really quite flattered.

It’s a dream come true for Sam Williams, first year Business Analyst at Westpac Bank. After 6 long months in the graduate program, his talents are finally being appreciated.

“I set up a LinkedIn account just for, like, networking and stuff,” Williams explained. “Then out of nowhere, I got this message!”

The 20 year old IT graduate was confused at first to receive an overly friendly message from a complete stranger, but quickly became excited as he read that she had “come across his profile” and was “really impressed by his experience.”

“She said I’d be perfect for this senior position at a global strategy consulting company that specialise in the capital market space. I don’t know what any of those words mean, but by god am I excited!”

The recruiter went on to describe the company as “highly disruptive innovators,” indicating Williams “will not be disappointed to learn more.”

Despite the fact that the role requires 5 years experience as the Design Director of a start up company, Williams remains hopeful.

“Why would she message me if I wasn’t actually eligible for the job?” he insists. “I guess my Microsoft Office skills are just really in demand!”

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