Harry and Meghan Treat Royal Hangovers With Uber Eats


They’re absolutely cooked, and in desperate need of some nuggs.

It was a weekend to remember for the newly married Duke and Duchess of Sussex, but now they must face the consequences. Reports out of Buckingham Palace indicate that the husband and wife are in a sorry state this morning, and are seeking to remedy their troubles with some greasy fried chicken.

The couple had their ceremony and two receptions on Saturday, and the last event ran into the early hours of Sunday morning. Harry, Meghan and their 200 guests enjoyed the evening by drinking all the alcohol a monarchy can buy, which as it turns out is rather a lot.

An inside source revealed how the newlyweds are dealing with the damage.

“They’ve ordered a large selection of chicken nuggets and fries, and are currently waiting for delivery in a very dark room.”

When asked who they’re wearing today, the source regretfully revealed they’ve opted for matching Everlast trackies.

“It would appear they appreciate the warm fleece and comfortable waistband.”

Harry and Meghan reportedly plan to spend the rest of the day binge-watching 13 Reasons Why, and hydrating in between bites of deep fried chicken.

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