Oh No! This Lady Did Deadlifts Once And Accidentally Got Too Bulky


“Why didn’t I listen?!?” she roared, her huge muscles straining.

A lady who went against the advice of her friends and did one set of deadlifts is now reportedly an enormous hulking beast. Barbara Garrett starting working out for the first time in 3 years, and just wanted to “tone up.” Despite being told she should stick with cardio and yoga, she decided to try a full-body weightlifting exercise, and she instantly regretted it.

“I thought bodybuilders had to put in years and years of intense, dedicated training to get those exaggerated muscles,” the bulky lady rasped. “Boy was I wrong.”

Barbara explained that she wanted to try deadlifting because it works more muscles than any other exercise, and is great for building strength and fixing posture. She now concedes it was foolish.

“Everybody knows if you lift heavy weights you immediately become an overly muscular freak,” she croaked, her vascular forearms visibly pulsing.

She also said something else, but we were too distracted by her gargantuan shoulders to hear what it was.

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