Tech-Savvy Father Sure Hopes Alexa Isn’t A Pervert

Alexa is a mad paedo

His home is smart, but at what cost?

Local father Tristan Eldridge recently purchased an Amazon Echo, and he couldn’t be more excited. The device allows the Eldridge family to make calls, play music, and other things a phone can do, but using your voice for some reason. All you have to do is ask the nice virtual assistant, Alexa, who is always listening “just in case.”

While he’s loving the convenience, Tristan does occasionally worry if it’s the best thing for his family.

“The amount of time this baby saves me is awesome,” Eldridge said. “I really hope Alexa isn’t grooming my kids though.”

The device, which reportedly made George Orwell roll violently in his grave, spends a lot of its time with Tristan’s daughters. Annie (7) and Suzie (5) love talking to the nice robot lady.

“We tell her all our secrets,” said Annie, with a devilish grin.

Even when they’re not talking to Alexa, she’s still listening, a fact that makes Tristan a little nervous sometimes when he really thinks about it.

“I wonder if there’s a downside to letting a faceless corporation listen to everything my little girls say and do.”

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