Idiot Hears ‘Yanny’


In an audio clip that clearly says ‘Laurel’, some fool is saying they hear ‘Yanny.’

An audio clip has emerged on social media of a robotic voice saying the name ‘Laurel’. Despite the clip’s perfect clarity, one idiot is insisting they hear ‘Yanny’.

“I don’t know how anyone could hear Laurel,” the imbecile said. “It sounds nothing like it!”

Their opinion goes against the word of millions of sensible people. One notable example is Ellen Degeneres, who has publicly condemned this Yanny-hearing moron. As far as she’s concerned, they can find Nemo on their own next time.

Scientists have called into question the culprit’s sanity, citing that ‘Yanny’ isn’t even a real name; it’s the sound a horse makes when frightened. While admittedly the name ‘Laurel’ is pretty rare – used exclusively for butlers in fact – it is still more valid than the meaningless sound this simpleton hears.

It is also worth noting that this is coming from the same halfwit who thought the blue and black dress was white and gold. It appears they are a serial offender.

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