Scandal: Musician Amy Shark Not A Real Shark

Scandal: Musician Amy Shark Not A Real Shark

Photos have emerged showing the Australian artist on LAND, shocking her fans.

In an exclusive report, we can confirm that we have obtained images that prove Amy Shark has been lying about her species.

Shark, best known for her hit single Adore in 2016, is clearly shown in the images to be of human form, with barely any similarities to the aggressive fish at all.

Fans have already taken to Twitter to voice their disappointment in this betrayal, with user SharkTank69 stating “I’m appalled. Look at her neck! Not even a single gill!!!”

Perhaps most telling is Shark’s complete lack of fins, sharp teeth, or indeed any discernible features you’d expect to see on a sleek aquatic predator.

Marine biologist Susan Kruger was approached for expert testimony this morning, and was “absolutely certain” that the popular musician is not a real shark.

“Look at her feet,” Kruger pointed out. “You just don’t see feet on a shark. You just don’t.”

It is understood much of her success is attributed to her marine facade.

“It’s actually the main reason I loved her,” says Twitter user xx_Sharknadogs_xx. “The idea of a shark playing guitar blew my mind.”

We are awaiting comment from Shark, who is urged to make a full public apology.


(Images: Allan Lee, Gold Coast Bulletin)

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