Justin Bieber Fan Passionately Sings Made Up Spanish

Justin Bieber Fan Passionately Sings Made Up SpanishSomething something something something Despacito

A fan of the Canadian pop star has reportedly performed a convincing rendition of Despacito, despite only knowing approximately one of the words.

The incident occurred on the M5 Motorway on Thursday afternoon. The singer, known only as Stacey, was driving home with her friend Jasmynn when the radio station they were listening to started playing the song in question for the 956th time that day. It was reportedly then that in a moment of pure passion the 19 year old Belieber “just went for it.”

In an interview after the performance, Stacey admitted it was mostly improv. “No idea what he’s saying. Voice of a angel, but.”

Jasmynn, the only witness, said she felt honoured to be a part of such a high quality production, and admitted she was equally unaware of most of the lyrics.

“My favourite bit is probably the part where he says Despacito,” she revealed. “Either that or the bit where the other guy goes bum bum.”

When queried on the meaning of the song, the friends were unsure, but thought it might have something to do with being desperate for a sip of the popular passionfruit drink Pasito, by Kirks.

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