Mmmm, calves

Beef Farmer’s Nice Legs From All The Calf Raising

A local beef farmer is very skilled at raising his calves, and it’s earned him some fine legs.

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Yeah The Federal Budget Is Great, But Have You Seen Memes?

While I think it’s important to understand the new Federal Budget, looking at memes is WAY more fun.

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Hahahaha weekend

Office Conversationalist Asks How Weekend Was

In a delightfully unexpected move, Jenny from accounting has inquired if everyone had a good weekend.

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“Campbelltown Not That Bad,” Says Guy Who Loves Stabbing

The city of Campbelltown gets a pretty bad wrap, but one knife-loving resident has had enough.

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It's finally happening, Dad!

IT Graduate Chuffed At Being “Headhunted” On LinkedIn

He received a generic message on LinkedIn from a random recruiter he’s never met, and he’s really quite flattered.

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My water bottle is out to get me

Great; Freshly Washed Water Bottle Tastes Like Soap Now

It started tasting a bit funny, so I washed it. Now it tastes like soap.

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WTF man thats not soap

Man Guesses Wrong, Gets Moisturiser Instead Of Hand Soap

His hands are still covered in urine, but boy are they soft and silky.

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Woman eating a banana in public like a FUCKING HERO.

Brave Woman Eats Banana In Public

In an incredible display of girl-balls, a woman has reportedly eaten an entire banana in a crowded, public place.

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Very small singlet

Study Finds Inverse Correlation Between Steroid Use And Singlet Width

A new study by the University of Sydney has confirmed that the more steroids a person uses, the narrower their singlet preferences become.

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Opinion: Poppy Seeds Can Fuck Off

Opinion: Poppy Seeds Can Fuck Off

They are nothing more than tiny, flavourless black dots that get EVERYWHERE, and they can all get fucked.

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